Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Let me introduce myself...RA Molly!

Hello. My name is Molly. (This is where you say "Hello Molly") I'm a Screenwriting major and Gramercy's very own Head RA. Pheew, glad I got that off my chest! I'm a senior now which means at the end of this year I will be kicked out of Gramercy and thrown into the streets! Okay, maybe not that dramatically but come on, I'm a film major. That means I love to talk about anything movies and TV! So if you ever see this face...

...stop me and tell me your favorite movie! (Yeah notice my awesome Star Wars shirt.)

But don't worry, I have other interests too. Anybody out there like sharks?! What about tigers?!

Pretty cool right? And yes...that Monk is indeed on a cell phone. Either way, I'm still like half jungle woman...on my mom's side. Hmm...wait. That's not right. I'm actually from Long Island. It's not that exciting BUT I am the youngest of 9 kids! 5 of which are girls so I think that's why I feel so at home at Gramercy! We're a cute little family! (And between you and me, I'm the super hilarious, cool one.) I'm always ready with a joke, so make sure you stop me if you need some cheering up!

Alright. I think you've learned enough about me for one post. Hopefully I'm leaving you clawing for more. And don't worry people, there's more.

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