Monday, September 12, 2011

The Beginnings of the Fire Hat

So, while at Pixar, I found this fire hat near the playroom by the foosball table I often visited. There it was in all it's glory, a shiny red fire hat that a million little kids probably put their stinky little heads on. It needed a new home, so why not bring it to the big apple (presuming this thing didn't have head lice in it). I wore the fire hat my last week in California. I had no shame.

It was bright and red, but it was MINE. Finders Keepers. Then came the airport. The fire hat would not fit in any of my suitcases, and it was around 4 am so I decided to wear it through security. I was obviously really happy...

After making it hours on a plane, then stuffed in a car full of suitcases and computer parts, it made it's way to Gramercy. I feel like it's the perfect addition to the Gram Fam. Now, it will come with me everywhere and protect me from danger. Oh, I also found the perfect chair to go with my perfect hat.


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