Thursday, September 1, 2011

Howdy Y'all... I'm RA Twig!

I suppose the best place to start with these things is at the beginning. My name is Twig.

Wait, let me do this properly. My 'real' name is Hannah Nicole Capra. I like to go by the name Twig, just because I can, and you're more apt to remember it. It's in fact a childhood nickname gleaned from the pages Faeries. My eight-year-old mind understood that real names mean nothing in comparison to the names we give ourselves. I think this is especially true today...and I’m sure that Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta would agree.

Now we'll skip through the middle section. (I'll condense it for you and tell you it's a montage of growing up in Texas, taking lots of pictures, and doing country stuff, like driving a tractor) You don't really need to see all that, not today at least. So after skipping down memory lane, we've arrived at our present moment, in New York City, at the School of Visual Arts. I'm a photo major (makes sense now, right?) and I'm a first year RA at the Gramercy Residence. Being the baby of my own family, it's fairly natural to accept that role in the House of Gramercy. Everyone here is really great though, not like my siblings at all. Cue video of my brother and sister getting into she the scapegoat. Anyways, I'm really excited to be here, albeit here is very far from where I'm from.

Being a Texan in New York is fairly entertaining. Apart from always being asked if 'everything really is bigger in Texas,' and always being responsible for that whole Bush thing, I've come to love the preconceptions that North Easterners have about my lovely state and its inhabitants. No, we don't all ride horses to school. No, we don't all drive trucks. No, we don't all think we should secede from the Union and become a country again (although that does sound cool, then I could be a foreign exchange student)! However, we do say “y'all,” and it is completely proper. Seriously. You all. Y'all. Which is more fun to say? That's right. Come to the dark side, y'all.

Prior to calling NYC home, my roots were planted in the red dirt of Abilene. For those of you unfamiliar with at's located in Texas (kinda goes along with everything I've been saying). It's a long way from New York, and has been my home for the past eighteen years. Abilene boasts 318 churches in the phonebook, and is the proverbial buckle of the Bible Belt. It was a good place to grow up in, but not the easiest place to stretch your wings (and don't even think about wearing black lipstick in public).Growing up in the country was much more entertaining than Hollywood will have you believe.

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