Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Gramercy Resident Kjersti Faret shares her volunteer experience! 

Growing up in suburbia, I always had pets (cats specifically). Moving into the city, into a school dorm, left me living without a cat for the first time in my life. I’ll admit it was sad and strange to actually be alone in a room sometimes without another living creature sitting on my bed. Whilst going through cat withdrawal first semester last year, I found myself in the Union Square Petco. Inside the store, I stumbled upon Kitty Kind, the no-kill and not-for-profit cat shelter and rescue group.

 Finally I asked to volunteer. Anyone can volunteer! Everyone who is apart of Kitty Kind is a volunteer, from the adoption reps to the cleaners. That’s what I do; I’m a cleaner. You’re probably thinking that means cleaning cat’s litter boxes. Yes, it does. But besides that we also give them fresh bedding, feed them, new water, etc. But the best part is being able to play with all the cats. It’s just as important to socialize with them, as it is to take care of them. Since the cats are stuck in the cages all the time, they don’t get many opportunities to play even if they have a cage-mate. So many of the cats are sweet mushes, you know, the ones who just want to cuddle and be loved. There are so many adorable ones who jump into your arms or climb on your shoulders as soon as they can and rub their heads on you and purr. There are a lot of energetic kittens and cats as well who love nothing more than to chase the mouse or even your hand as you clean their cage. Every cat is unique and just waiting to find a forever home and love.

This is the official Kitty Kind website:
If anyone is interested in volunteering, there is always room for more volunteers, or if you would like to adopt or know someone who is looking to adopt, Kitty Kind is a wonderful shelter with many loving cats!   If you want to check out more pictures of cats, and let's face it, who doesn't?!  Click Read More!!!

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  1. i will admire deez kitties from afar through your beautiful pictures and experiences so i can continue to breathe, but the one on the left in the last picture took my heart and ran away with it in his little kitty paws. D'AWW