Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thrifty in the City: Avoid the Ick with ZocDoc

Every year the Ick starts to creep it's way through SVA and it's coming...  You know what the Ick is.  It's sniffley, achy, mucousy, coughing, exausting, contagious, disgusting ICK! 

While trying to avoid students' cooties and bathing in Purel, I'm always amazed when I'm talking to you sickly lot that hardly any of you have local doctors.  Every year I watch my poor residents in misery with illness, toothaches, and other unhealthiness because they'll wait to go home to see "their" doctor.  This is just not acceptable of adult women (this means you!).  You should all have local doctors, dentists, and know what your medical and dental insurance are and ALWAYS carry your insurance cards with you.  You never know when an emergency might come up!

When I first moved to NYC I had to find all new doctors and it was a serious pain.  I would get recommendations from friends, but half of the doctors didn't take my insurance or were too far away for me to want to go to.  Desperate to find a dentist, I stumbled across this AMAZING FREE website... ZocDoc.

It's a FREE medical and dental search engine that will look up medical professionals that take your insurance and are in your neighborhood!  You can look up any kind of doctor and they even show if they're in network, out of network and when they are next available.

The best thing about this site was that it actually had reviews!  This was wonderful for me because other than finding a big ol'list of doctors, I didn't know if they were any good.  This site rates them on professionalism, wait time, etc, plus has personal reviews.

Making an appointment was super duper easy and painless - I didn't even have to call - I just did it online.  I received an email confirmation, plus a reminder email the day before my appointment.  The best part was, the doctor's office called ME to get my insurance info.  Now I pop on here anytime I need a doctor for anything!  You can even send doctor recommendations to friends.  Let me know if you need any... I have some great doctors.  And now you have NO excuse to not see a doctor.

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