Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gramercy Cats!

I think we all loved Lizzie's adorable animals last week, but this week it is all about the cats... Maxine's cats to be specific!

My Dad, my sister and I adopted Junior when he was 6 months old. Our family has a bit of an unofficial 'tradition' of having black cats - Junior is the third one to join the ranks.  Our previous black cat, Blackos, had passed away and the new kitten we got a few months later looked just like a small version of her, thus the name Junior.  
Despite his name, he's now a huge cat, and makes an audible thud when he flops down on the floor for belly rubs.  He comes out to greet company, eats every kind of food known to man, and will occasionally drool with happiness when you scratch him on the head.  Many people say he's the sweetest cat they've ever met, and he's kind of the mascot of my dad's recording studio amongst the clients and musicians, hanging out during recording sessions (until he gets kicked out for walking all over the equipment) and soaking up the attention. He loves going outside to hunt, and has brought back his fair share of small animal victims over the years, and even a battle-scar on the ear not too long ago, which I wasn't very happy about! Junior is aging and graying, but he's really been a big kitten his whole life.

My Mom and I recently adopted Jeffery, a shelter cat, who had been previously adopted and then surrendered back to the shelter after two years of home life.  On the day we brought him home, he was quickly out and about, exploring the house and and being super affectionate. 
He's a big guy, with a gray body, white socks, and a white streak that runs down his nose and underside.  We often describe him as looking like a shark because of his white underbelly and gray body, or as a mouse because of his pink nose and long, white whiskers. He's talkative, runs through the house at top speeds, and is the typical curious cat, always sticking his face in small places and coming out with dust bunnies hanging from his whiskers.  He really enjoys being around people and being involved, and will follow people from room to room. Being woken up in the morning by Jeffery walking and kneading all over me is one thing that makes me quite homesick.
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