Thursday, October 13, 2011

Gramercy Pets!

I think we all secretly wish we could smuggle our pets into Gramercy.  Sadly, we can't do that.  So, to appease our need for cuteness, Gramercy presents Resident's pets!  Today we are featuring Lizzie's adorable animals...ENJOY! 

Nicodemus - The Rat - age 4 months to a year
With fur white as the driven snow, and eyes ablaze like an inferno, Nicodemus is a happy, young fellow. He will greet you at the cage door day or night. Very mindful of his personal appearance and cleanliness, he spends most of his time keeping up with his grooming and preening. If your ears are particularly hairy or just not up to his standards, he will take it upon himself to tidy them for you. In return for his efforts, he always appreciates a good back massage. Affectionately known as 'Nicky', he has the curiosity of a true explorer, daring to venture across even the most vast of bedspreads or atop the highest shoulder. 

Nigel - The Mini Schnauzer - age 7
Professor Nigel is a scholarly schnauzer. He's a portly gentleman who enjoys being scratched behind his ears and snuggling as you read him 19th century literature. He is afraid of thunder storms, but is generally calm in all situations. Nigel has also spent time as therapy dog. He visited retired war veterans and enjoyed hearing their exciting stories of combat (even if he had to listen to them more than once). Nigel encourages you to join him for tea sometime as he currently resides in the financial district of New York City. 

Trevor - The Maltese - age 1
Trevor is a rough and tumble little scamp, remarkably similar to a cue tip in appearance. Affectionately known as 'The Psychopath' among the family, he enjoys romping about and nipping at dangly clothing. He will fetch his ball for you all day, and if you refuse to throw it, he may just annoy you until you decide to jump out the nearest window. All in all, a fluffy and affectionate scoundrel. 

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