Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gramercy Gives Back

Tonight, Gramercy is starting something very special!  As your RA's were deciding how we could give back this semester, RA Twig suggested we buy an acre of the rainforest!  We all loved the idea and who doesn't want to save some cute animals in need!
Who wouldn't want to save that face?!
So, this is where we ask for your help!  We are going to be collecting change to adopt our Gramercy Acre!  Tonight, at 9:30pm in the Lounge, we will decorate a few jars that you will see scattered around the building for the remainder of the semester.  If you find yourself walking into the building with a few extra pennies in your pocket, PLEASE drop them in the jar.  Every little bit helps!

Peas can I haz ur moniez?!
We will also be having an event at the end of the semester to help raise money towards our acre, so keep an eye out for that!  For now, we need help kicking it off!  So we'll see you ladies tonight!  Twig and I will be bringing snacks, so get excited!!!

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