Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring Is Here...Time To Clean!

You may not like it, be we all have to do it!  Now is a good time to start thinking about dedicating a few days to spring cleaning!  Having a clean workspace for these last couple weeks of school will be great for finishing up final projects.  You'll also make you RA's very happy, as they will be popping in to remind you about Gramercy Move-Out.  So, here to help you, are a few tips for cleaning up your apartment!

Reduce Clutter: You know all of those clothes you have all over your floor?  Yeah, maybe you should wash them and stick them back in your drawers/closets.  It's amazing how much space will free up if you just put things back in their spot!  This might even be a good time to go through your clothes and see what you don't want anymore.  Gramercy has a clothing drive every year, so you won't even have to go far to donate them!

Organize: Take the time to go through your desk and figure out what you need or don't need.  When you organize, there will be so much more space for your things!  Not to mention, they will be a lot easier to pack at the end of the month.  If you really don't need something, don't be afraid to THROW IT OUT. We could all use a little less crap in our lives, yeah?

Dusting: I know what you're thinking.  "Like I'm gonna dust something."  But really, it helps!  Just take a rag and wipe down your computer and television screens.  You'd be surprised how much dust and dirt rests on those things!  Check out your windows and give them a wipe down.  Everything will look so much cleaner after a little dusting and it barely takes any time at all!

Clean Out Your Computer:  All those cat images have REALLY piled up.  Clearing old pictures or documents out of your computer will certainly help clear your mind!  While your at it, take your phone and your iPod and clear those up to!  Take a tip from RA Kerin and give yourself a new summer playlist.  It might not be a bad idea to spruce up your online image as well.  As we look for summer jobs and internships, potential employers will look you up online.  Might need to untag yourself from some of those facebook photos!

These tips are basic, I know.  But I promise if you do them over the next few weeks, you will make your life a lot easier, especially when it comes to moving out.  Take a little time, put on some music, and show your apartment who's boss!

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