Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Gram Gets Involved: MADRE Donation Drive!

MADRE Donation Drive:
How can YOU help?

A Columbian girl benefitting from art supplies donated to the Trading Art for War campaign!

You may have noticed (or briskly walked past on your way to your first class at 8:50 while thinking 'It is way too early to be up right now') some bins and canisters on your floors, or in the laundry room, or at the front security desk. So what are these about?

Remember MADRE? That awesome women's rights organization we're partnering with this semester? Well, these bins are YOUR chance to help them out. And it's pretty easy. Here's some info on what you can donate and how you'll be helping:


Keep an eye out for programming we're going to be doing here at Gram that will dedicate our proceeds and profits to the MADRE organization! Just by attending and contributing you'll be helping us help women in need. Which is super rad.

Might be some cupcake decorating and midnight breakfasts in the near future...

Donation Bins
How am I helping?
MADRE has a number of causes that are in need of supplies, among these being their Back To Safety, Back To School campaign in Kenya and Trading Art for War in Columbia.

What should I donate?
Some of the things we're looking for...
- First aid supplies (ex. bandaids, neosporin)
- Reproductive resources (ex. condoms, lubricant)
- Hygienic and Beauty supplies (ex. tampons, shampoo)
- Art and School supplies (ex. markers, notebooks)

Both the change jars and donation bins will be in place until December, so feel free to drop something in whenever! And don't forget about the awesome programs we have coming up that will be in addition to the donations we'll get from the drives.

And as always, if you're interested in learning more about MADRE's campaigns, check out their page right over here!

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