Thursday, September 20, 2012

Greetings: Back to School 2012


Greetings and salutations! My name is Alyssa and I am the new RA for the 1st and 2nd floor!  :D I am a second year Cartooning major and coincidentally the ONLY cartooning major on the RA staff this year! What does that mean? It means: get ready for lame puns and Family Guy and Spongebob references. ALL YEAR LONG.

So I'm new to this whole blogging thing (meaning I'm not really sure what to say but oh well; firstworldproblems) but what I get to do this year on the blog is...

*drumroll please*


Yes, one of the loves of my life and favorite hobbies. What I will try to mainly post this year is reviews, tips and tricks of the trade and much, much more! Please note: the only qualification I have is a modeling certificate from modeling school which looked pretty much like this:


Makeup application and process: A++++++++++++++++++++

That being said, these posts will be only my honest to god OPINION. You are in no way obligated to listen/heed a word I say.  :-)

I decided to kick start the year off with makeup must-haves for back to school. I interviewed my fellow RA's and my RHD Stefaine about their top three products and they responded (albeit reluctant if not for my badgering). However I will start with mine:

Top Back to School Beauty Products
I don't feel like I'm ready to face the world without:
1. Foundation: Revlon Color Stay for Combination/Oily Skin in Golden Beige 300
Reason: This foundation has the most outstanding full coverage of any drugstore product I've tried and even some high end ones and at 13.99 a bottle that lasts me MONTHS it is a great buy. I get stress acne especially during school and I need great coverage.
2. Waterproof Mascara: (currently using) Urban Decay Cannonball Waterproof Mascara
Reason: I'm a crier. I cry for everything so I only use waterproof mascara. This mascara lifts and separates so it looks like I'm wearing really good falsies but it still keeps my lashes feathery soft and not at all clumpy and stiff.
3. Bronzer: (currently using) Urban Decay Baked Bronzer in Baked
Reason: I feel like contouring my face well makes me look more adult and put together.

As far as my fellow RA's and RHD Stefaine what was their number one product that they couldn't live without for back to school?


That's right. The answers to these questions varied more than I expected from girl to girl but one thing that almost all of them had in common was mascara was a must-have. Kerin and I are blush/bronzer girls; we have that in common but the rest was mascara! If nothing else, expect all the Gramercy Girl RA's to have pretty eyes and long lush lashes. (Apparently, I am the only one who so desperately NEEDS full coverage foundation. FOREVER ALONE.)
This is me.
 C'est la vie. Ah well, that does it for me for this round of makeup (this is getting so long jeez). Thanks for reading guys!

You're friendly neighborhood cartoonist,

Faerie Queen Alyssa~*

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