Friday, September 14, 2012

Welcome Back! From RA Kerin

Hey fellow meowmeows of Gramercy,

For those of you who don't know me in some capacity-- you've probably, at the very least, seen me at your floor meetings and bopping around in a pair of obnoxious pink headphones-- I'm Kerin, the Head RA here at Gram.

I was an RA here last year (5th and 6th floor vets, what up) and loved it so much that I wanted to take on a little bit of a different role this year as the Head RA. Why does that matter? New things for me means new things for you. Get excited.

Here are some of the things I'm gonna be heading this year that I hope y'all will help me out with:

MADRE Donation Drive
You're probably going to see signs for this one up and around the building. This year we're going to be working with MADRE, a Women's Rights organization that helps underprivileged women all around the world. They have some seriously amazing causes and we'll be doing some great programs this semester where proceeds and donations will go towards this group.

Lounge Gets A Makeover
Our beloved lounge is getting beautiful, people. It's going to get a fresh coat of paint and (hopefully) some new furniture sometime in the next month, and once it's all done we're looking to turn the space into a year-round gallery that'll display the art of the lovely and talented Ladies of Gram (that's you, collectively). Stay tuned for more details on that one.

The Blog!
Ah yes, you have found the blog in question. This year I'm going to be taking this bull by the horns and hopefully posting some things that are interesting to you guys-- artists and shows to watch out for, cute furry animals, programs that are coming up. The other lovely ladies-- Twig, Ashley and Alyssa-- will be sharing their love with the blog as well monthly, as well as RHD Stefaine. Even better? We're looking for YOU to post something up here, whether it be your art or cute pictures of your animals.

Cute pictures of animals is the fuel that runs Gramercy, clearly.

Those are only some of the things that are upcoming this year. I'm super excited to get my hands dirty in it and make Gramercy the community that we all come back to-- a gorgeous place on a beautiful park with some beautiful ladies to share it with.

If you're ever looking for me or have any questions, drop by and leave me a note or knock on that little door beside the security desk. Or hit me up on the Gramercy Facebook-- we're always checking that one.

Cheers, babydeers,
Head RA Kerin

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