Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Good Eats NYC: Union Square Food Trucks

Union Square Food Trucks
Gorilla Cheese NYC and Seoul Food

Union Square is full of lots of eclectic people and things, which is why it should be no surprise that some pretty awesome and unique food trucks are often parked in the area. Here are two that I frequent and I think are work a try!

Gorilla Cheese NYC
How often do you just want a damn grilled cheese without having to sit in a diner to get it? Because I can never find one when I want one. Thank heaven for Gorilla Cheese NYC, which goes beyond your average American-cheese-on-bread with a dozen or so different crazy combinations to try. They even sell tomato soup to dip it in. My stomach is growling just thinking about it. Look out for the bright orange truck and find out more info over here!

Seoul Food
This truck offers a Korean twist on traditional Mexican street food and it's to die for. Definitely not your average burrito; Sweet and Spicy Pork with Cilantro-Lime Relish, Cheddar Cheese, Rice and Kimchi Aioli? Yum. I have no idea what half of those words mean, but I know that together they make for a dynamite combination. For around ten bucks you get an entire burrito that'll fill you up all day. They're in a black and red truck, so if you see something you like on their website make sure to catch them!

Which food trucks are your favorites and worth trying? Let us know or leave a review!

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