Building Information

Gramercy is comprised of 17 two-bedroom apartments and 6 studios.  Two students live in each room, making the total number of residents 72.  During the academic year, Gramercy is a women only residence.

The Apartments all have a kitchen, bathroom, and small dining area with a table and chairs.  In the each room, you will have an extra-long twin bed, dresser drawers, and a desk with a chair for each person.

Students assigned to (B) rooms will reside in the bedroom, the room with a door.  Students assigned to the (F) rooms will reside in the converted bedroom without a door.  Students in the (F) or Front rooms are encouraged to hang curtains for privacy but not off the sprinkler system as that is a policy violation as well as a fire code violation.  Additional furniture (sofas, chairs, futons, etc) is not allowed due to limited space. 

The Lounge is on the first floor and is open 24 hours.  The lounge has comfortable furniture, TV, DVD, games, books, and microwave as well as a wireless connection.  It is also where we hold most of our programs.  Please see bulletin boards and the Facebook page for upcoming events.

The Basement contains the trash and laundry rooms.  There are no stairs leading to the basement, so taking the elevator is necessary.  In the case of an emergency, there is a door that leads outside if you continue past the trash room and straight out.  If you turn right in the alleyway, it will lead up to the sidewalk, if you turn left, it will lead to the bottom courtyard.  Please note this will cause an alarm to go off at Security. 

The Trash Room is located in the basement.  Please remove trash from your apartment regularly to avoid pests, which are common in New York City.  Please recycle and break down cardboard boxes before placing them in the basement.  Residents can consult the recycling guide on the bins.  For your convenience, we have provided recycle bins in each apartment to help with sorting.  Recycling is the LAW in NYC!

The Laundry Room is located in the basement.  There are three washers and dryers and the cost for each is…  NOTHING!  That’s right, it’s FREE!  Thanks to years of hard work, Gramercy Gal’s Society finally accomplished getting new, energy and water efficient, and FREE laundry machines in the Gramercy building.  Way to go Gramercy Gal’s Society!

Also, our laundry room features Laundry View!  An online and texting notification system!  Logon to to see how much longer your laundry needs or what washers and driers are free! 

We ask that you be respectful of the time on your wash and dry for the consideration of other people.  Washing takes approximately 40 minutes to wash and 1 hour to dry.  Also, please clean the lint trap when you complete your laundry.  Running a dryer with a full lint trap can cause a fire!

What to do when there is a maintenance issue in the laundry room:  Please fill out a TMA Request online at

Mail is delivered to the collection of mailboxes on the 1st floor past the lobby and elevator.  Each apartment only receives one mailbox key for all the residents to share.  Loss of this key will result in a $25 fee for replacement. 

If you choose to receive mail while staying at the Gramercy Park Residence, your mailing address will be:
Your Name
17 Gramercy Park S., #(Your apartment)
New York, NY 10003

Upon checking out of the residence hall, please make sure to forward your mail to your next address, as it is against the law for us to collect and forward your mail for you.  This can be done at or at any US Post Office

If you are expecting a package, your apartment number will be recorded on the white board near security.  Simply inquire with security about your package and they will have you sign and receive it. 

The Roof hours are from 8am-10:30pm daily.  There is no smoking permitted on the roof area.  The roof is under video surveillance, so violation of roof policy may result in loss of privileges.
Smoke Alarms:  If the smoke detector is triggered in your apartment, due smoke from cooking, try utilizing these methods to help clear smoke condition:

  1. Open the kitchen window and other nearby windows
  2. Turn on the kitchen fan
  3. Keep your oven and stove clean from debris that may cause smoking

 Security will call you on the apartment intercom to follow-up.  Pick up the phone immediately to update security on the situation.
DO NOT attempt to remove the alarm or cover it.  This will set off the entire building system!  It is also a violation of SVA policy and against the law.

Filming in Gramercy
In order to film in any part of the Gramercy Building, students must first get permission from the RHD.  Filming in the hallways or residents’ rooms is not allowed.  Students can get permission to film on the roof, in the lounge, or basement.  Forms can be picked up from the reception desk at the Office of Residence Life.  Forms must be submitted for approval at least 5 business days in advance.

Gramercy is an old building!  The plumbing gets easily backed up.  We encourage you to use recycled toilet paper products that break down easier than some of the more commercial brands available.  Please do not flush anything but toilet paper.  This is will reduce clogs.

Health & Safety Inspections
In an effort to reduce pest, maintenance, and roommate conflicts, the Gramercy staff will conduct unannounced Health & Safety Inspections once a month.  You and your roommates will receive a copy of the Health & Safety Inspection report each month with any areas of concern or improvement. 

To avoid a poor inspection grade or judicial action, you and your roommates are encouraged to keep a neat and tidy apartment free of excessive clutter, trash, open food containers, and any SVA policy violations.  We also encourage you to put in TMA request for any maintenance issues you notice right away,

Internet is provided for each student.  Wireless is throughout the building.  To login a student uses their MySVA login and password.  For new students this would be their login would be their first initial and last name and their password is their SVA ID number.  Example:
Login: jsmith
Password: 0987654

Each room is also equipped two Ethernet hooks ups.  Residents will need to provide their own Ethernet cord. 

What to do when there is an issue with the internet:
If you are having trouble hooking up their internet, you can ask your RA or the RA on Duty for assistance.  If they cannot help you, then you can put in a TMA request at or the RA can do it on your behalf if you cannot get on the internet at all.  Make sure that you select the Information Technology department and the IT department will respond as quickly as possible.

            Rooms are cable ready.  There are two cable connections in each room.  Residents are responsible for providing their own TV and cable cord.  Gramercy has DIRECTV channels. 

What to do when there is an issue with the cable:
            If you experience any problems with the cable, please put in an TMA request at under the IT (Information Technology) heading.  Please be detailed as possible in the description.  For example:  On Saturday, August 8th, at 8:30 pm, Bravo was a blue screen.  It came back on at 11:15 pm.

Channel Line Up
2      CBS
4      NBC
5      Fox
6      Bravo
7      ABC
8      CNN
9      My9
10    TNT
11    CW
12    History Channel
13    PBS
14    Food Network
15    Current TV
16    TBS
17    Weather Channel
18    USA
19    ABC Family/IFC
20    AMC
21    Animal Planet
22    Discovery
23    TLC
24    Comedy Central
25    MTV
26    MTV2
27    VH1
28    Lifetime
29    Nickelodeon
30    Cartoon Network
31    Spike
32    Fuse

The Creepy Crawlies
Bugs and Mice
Once a month, we have an exterminator that will spray the kitchens and bathrooms for insects such as cockroaches, water bugs, and ants.  Sometimes after spraying, some little dead bugs or a couple live ones will show up here or there – mostly running for their lives.  If you find many live ones, please put in a TMA request right away, that way we can arrange to have someone take care of it. 

This goes for mice as well.  If you see a mouse, put in a TMA request ASAP!  You can put in your request at http://tma.sva.eduWhere there is one, there are many!  Please note that we will not use poison to kill the mice and neither should you.  The poisoned mice will most likely end up dying in the walls and then we’ll have an even bigger issue on our hands.

A good way to keep pests out of the apartment is to keep it clean.  Don’t leave out exposed food and dirty dishes; take your trash out consistently.  Keep cereal and other dry goods in canisters so that critters are not tempted to get into them.  

At the end of every semester, we have a bedbug sniffing dog come through Gramercy.  We are happy to report that we are bedbug free!  Most of our bedbug scares in Gramercy tend to be mosquitoes!  So please don’t panic if you have a bug bite… living on a beautiful park has its price and it comes in the form of many mosquitoes!!

What to do when you think you have bedbugs:
First, find one, dead or alive, use a little piece of tape to pick it up and put it in a plastic zip top baggie for us and bring it either to the Residence Life office or to your RA right away!  In the mean time, send RHD Nicole an email at with the details of your suspected issue and let your RA know too.  If we can identify it as a bed bug, RHD Nicole will set up proper steps to take to rid the room of them and set up an appointment with our exterminator.  We cannot treat for bedbugs unless we are a 100% sure you have them.
FAQs about Bedbugs
  1. Bedbugs are transient, they do not live in our building or come in through trash like cockroaches, etc.  The will come into the building through someone’s belongings.  The person was most likely at a place that had bedbugs and brought them home with them in their book bag, purse, etc.
  2. Bedbugs do not typically live in the mattress.  They live in crevasses in the bed, furniture, and the mattress lining.  We will not discard or replace mattresses for bedbug treatment.
  3. Bedbug bites are nondescript.  They look like general bug bites and everyone reacts differently to them.  Some people are not affected at all and others have very adverse reactions.
  4. Bedbugs spread very quickly, so it is important to catch it before they become a bigger issue.