Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Good Eats NYC: Japadog

Japadog: Hot Dogs with a Japanese Twist
St. Mark's Place

Sound crazy? It is. But it's so good.

Japadog is one of those places you walk by and say 'wow, this sounds weird, I wonder how good it is'. This is the exact question we verbally asked, and got an answer from someone sitting outside, shoving ice cream on a hotdog bun (???) into their face: "It's amazing". And it was. So amazing.

Japadog takes your average hotdog and puts a Japanese twist on it. The ice cream dog is to die for; fried and sugared hot dog bun with cold, melty ice cream in between. Yum. For three bucks you can't beat that. Take the plunge and try one!

Get a look at their innovative menu right here!

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  1. Whenever I pass this place I shiver with how gross I anticipate it to be :S but maybe I will toughen up and try it..............maybe