Fall Move In!

Move in begins: Saturday, September 1, at 9 am
  • We will have staff available for move in weekend on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, from 9 am – 11 pm.  
  • If you are moving in later in the week, we will have staff available Tuesday – Friday, 8 – 11 pm, and the following Saturday and Sunday, 9 am – 11 pm, to do your check in.  
  • If you are moving in outside of any of these times, Security can key you into your room.  The following day, please have Security contact the RA on Duty to complete you move in.
When you arrive, please come into the Gramercy Residence and let our staff know that you are here to check in.  Please have your SVA ID (or government issued ID if you don’t have an SVA ID) ready to show our staff.  Your RA will take you to your room and do your check-in.  During high traffic times, you may have to wait a few minutes for your RA to be available.
While you’re checking in, if you have family or friends assisting you, they can begin to unload your belongings in an organized fashion onto the sidewalk.  Please be mindful of our neighbors and do not block any entrances or walk ways.
Once you’re checked in, you and whoever is assisting you, can begin to move your belongings inside.  Please make sure that your guests have a government issued ID (such as a drivers license or State issued ID) to sign into the building.
We only have two wheeled move-in bins, so there may be a wait to bring in larger items.  If you are on a lower floor, we ask that you carry as much as you can up the stairs as to not overload our elevator as well as add to the wait for the elevator.  Once you are done with the wheeled bin, please bring it downstairs right away for the next person to use it.
If you are coming by car, we will have a limited number of temporary parking passes for you to use while you unload your belongings.  You can obtain a pass from Security.  After you have unloaded, please return the parking pass and move your car to another location to allow for other people to park in front of the building and do the same.  Please be mindful of parking times and restriction to avoid getting a ticket.