Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Most Incredible Summer - by RA Sari

I had the amazing privilege of being able to spend the summer in California for internship at Pixar. I remember really wanting to leave, but I knew at the same time I would be super homesick. Some people would say, "It may not be as glamorous as you think when you get there.” And to some degree, I felt the same way. It was the opportunity of a lifetime, so even if it were this terribly awful experience, I would have to suck it up for the sake of my resume. So, that began my adventure.

The flight and the apartment I stayed in were all paid for by Pixar, along with it being a paid internship. $$$...yes! On our first day, I was a ball of nerves, even though everyone was super fun and friendly. We didn't do anything really, besides meet other interns and go over what we would be doing, etc. During that week, we had our first assignment. W a Toy Story 3 prop to model (virtually build inside the computer). I was so comfortable at school doing this, and I've done much harder things, but for some reason this was the most stressful thing in the world for me. I said to myself "This will probably get so much harder, and if I can't handle this, I won't be able to handle every other week." And to my surprise, the first week was the hardest, only because we didn't know what to expect.

Each week we studied a different part of the pipeline at Pixar, and at the end of each week, we had to present a project in that specific area. The projects were reviewed in one of their theaters, and reviewed by a few employees. For the last two weeks, we had to complete a final project in the area of the pipeline we liked/succeeded in the most. Each week I became more comfortable with the people and the environment. Even though I have never done that much or learned that much in my life, it. The people there are so incredible and humble; it was amazing to be around them. I forgot I was being paid during the summer, because it was such an amazing experience.

Although I was sad to leave, I am happy to be back in NY with my Gramercy family. The knowledge I brought back from the studio is priceless. I am excited to share this experience and the things I've learned with other aspiring computer artists. It just makes me so grateful to have SVA and my RA family here for all the support. And to Pixar, thank you for the most incredible summer!

Night before "Motorama"


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