Thursday, November 17, 2011

Gramercy Pets... Barbara Vasconez's kitties!

Karma Delight Vasconez
She was found in a scary neighborhood. She was addicted to cat nip and then I saved her. A few times I caught her trying to buy some cat nip but I stopped her. She is now one of the happiest cats in the world.

Kenneth the page Vasconez. I found him walking around 30 Rockefeller Plaza. He had laser gun wrapped around his belly. He told me he auditioned to be part of Lazer Cats, but Bill Hader never called him back. He was so upset, he turned to drinking whole fat milk. For months, he was waiting to work for 30 Rock again but he couldn't. He was out of shape and scared of the world. Then, along came an awkwardly shaped Barbara and saved him. Now, we both long to work with 30 rock forever. But for now, he is happy to be home with Karma and my parents.

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