Saturday, November 12, 2011


That's right.  You read the title correctly, I said tea.  RA Molly is not a tea person.  I would much rather drink a nice cup of coffee... latte... cappuccino... espresso... oh goodness I could go on for hours about the gloriousness of the coffee bean.  But, that is for another day. Today is about tea.  

Isn't this picture already just so calming?
I may not be a big tea fan...unless of course it looks like this... 

BUT, I have recently experienced some of the health benefits to drinking tea, so I thought I would share.  My close friends and family know that I have a very picky stomach.  I am allergic to milk and have a bunch of other food sensitivities.  Yeah, it's not fun.  But over the summer I found that drinking peppermint tea calmed my stomach.  It was also a really good way to unwind before bed.  Herbal teas can provide a ton of positives for your body.  Click Read More to check out the list!

Green tea is probably the most popular tea among consumers of herbal teas. Green tea stays in the limelight with discussions among herbal supplement advocates. The health benefits of green tea are wide ranging. This herbal tea improves overall circulation, helps fight the flu virus, helps with lowering blood sugar, lowers blood cholesterol, provides help in fighting bacterial infections throughout the body, and is a strong anti-oxidant for cleansing the body. 

Dandelion teas are gaining in popularity because of the substantial use of the tea as a diuretic. The herbal supplement, fennel tea will benefit a sore throat and coughing. 

Rosemary tea is an herbal tea which is full of flavor and offers benefits in the liver while improving circulation, easing joint pain and headache complications. The rosemary tea is found to be soothing and is certainly an acquired taste. 

Chamomile teas are some of the more popular herbal teas. The teas offer benefits to stomach complications such as acid reflux, help with anxiety and nerves as well as help with cold symptoms. Chamomile teas are easy to drink and many people find that they develop a love for the flavor. 

Ginger is the herbal supplement which benefits cold and flu-like symptoms, helps with stomach cramps and nausea, and improves overall circulation. The herbal supplement ginger is an often forgotten herbal supplement, but is a wonderful tea to implement into your herbal tea time. 

Click here to read up on some more health benefits!


  1. I'm a major fan of Bigelow's Green Tea with Mango as well as their Chamomile Mango. I don't know what it is about the mango flavor that softens the harshness of the tea, but it is muuuy delicioso.

  2. i love all tea, lavender tea is good for head aches and period cramps.

    I know my fair share of tea and tea is very good for you.

    oolong is considered the weight-loss tea