Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Election Day: Helpful Links!

The Election is Coming... Are You Ready?

It's that time, ladies-- the upcoming election is going to impact our futures as not only citizens of the United States, but as women and students. Whether it's your first time around the block (it will be mine!) or you've done this before, here are some helpful resources so that you're ready to cast your vote on November 6th!

This eagle is ready. America.

The 2012 Presidental Candidates

- This website is one of the best for mostly unbiased factual information on not only the candidates, but on all of their stances on certain issues, providing links to videos of speeches, official statements and news articles to support their information. If you've got a half hour to spare, it'll be easy to click around the issues that matter to you and help you decide on a candidate!

2012 Presidental Issues Chart

- ...Or if charts are more your thing, you can check this one out. It has side-by-side comparisons of each of our could-be presidents so you can see how the nominees stack up. Updated regularly and unbiased 'pro/con' answers.

How to Apply for an Absentee Ballot

- For those of us not from NYC, an Absentee Ballot is going to be the best way to get our vote in. An Absentee Ballot allows one to vote even though they might not be in their hometown on election day to cast the vote in person. You can even download the PDF for your ballot registration on this website! Make sure to do it a few weeks in advance so that your vote counts.

Make sure you get your vote on this November! The future is what we make of it and who helps guide us through it. Do a little research and do your part!

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