Sunday, September 11, 2011

Thrifty in the City: Free Yoga Classes!

Molly was sharing with me the other day that she really wanted to start going to yoga classes this year but they can be so expensive.  Yoga is an amazing exercise practice that is great for any fitness level and it's an amazing stress reliever.  It is something that centers you physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.  But a class can cost anywhere from $16 - 30 and they pack the classes in!  That's a bit much in my opinion.   

So after doing a little research, I found out that there are plenty of places around here that offer cheap, if not free classes!  Also, check out those Groupons and other discount sites regularly, they're always offering discounted yoga packages too.

Yoga To The People - Ok, so everyone knows about this place, and if you didn't before, you do now.  They have several locations around the city that are very convenient and they offer a lot of classes all day and all week.  The classes are free, but they do ask for a suggested donation of $10, but even if you drop a couple of bucks every time you take a class, it's still a great deal.  The only downside is that the classes are usually packed.

Bryant Park - Durning the summer and through the month of September, Bryant Park offers free yoga classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays outside on the upper terrace.  

Lulumon Athletica - The same yoga studio that hosts yoga in Bryant park offer free yoga classes in their stores.  They are actually an athletic clothing store, but they offer yoga classes several times a week in all of their stores around the USA!  There are 5 stores in NYC.

Yoga Vida - Improve your flexibility and karma, with their Karma Yoga program!  If you volunteer to help out around their studio, they'll give you free classes.  What a fantastic idea!

Birkram Yoga - They have a special discount on Half Moon Classes for just $8 at all of their locations. Essentially it's a deeply discounted class at off peak times.  This is a 60% savings because one class there costs $25!

Community Yoga Classes
Community Yoga Classes are free, donation based, or really cheap classes that studios offer.  Here's a list of some places close by that offer these community classes (although if you ask, most places do and just don't advertise it):

Dharma Yoga Center 
Intregral Yoga Institute - They also have a great student discount, $10/class
Laughing Lotus
Sonic Yoga
Yoga Works

Student Discounts
If you find a yoga studio that you like, make sure you ask if they offer a student discount.  Most of them offer a 10 - 25% discount for full time students or have student packages.  Also, most of the studios offer a "New Student" package that's also discounted.  Namastae.

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